Friday, September 9, 2016

Today I did a little research on what's happening to our nation. It's devistating to me that a nation that was once the leader in the world, is now falling apart. What's the problem? Is there a way to fix it?

America's Economic Report put together a beautiful article about what's wrong with America today. It starts off talking about how we are falling deeper and deeper into debt and not producing anything with value. We aren't sustainable which will lead to a total collapse in our economy. I really love how the article puts a focus on our current presidential campaign candidates. I totally agree when it says that elections are getting so expensive that it's hurting the middle class. The candidates have no plans in building the economy. Everyone knows that it's a problem, but who is really going to step in and fix it? Because of these campaigning expenses "Free Trade" is playing a key roll in destroying the economy but the candidates are getting exactly what they want. I'm starting to think that our nation is starting to focus too much on 'looking rich' than actually taking the steps that require hard work to get there. It's time to stop worrying about popularity and start focusing on the future of this nation.

These candidates will only be in office for a known amount of time. However our nation must be able to continue even after they're out of office.

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