Friday, September 9, 2016

Out of two evils, who can we vote for?

The PewResearch Center put together a study of the issues people are having with deciding who to vote for. In the article, they discuss some of the main issues that people may have and which candidate would best suit the issue. The top voting issues listed for the 2016 election are the economy and terrorism. Which candidate will be help our current economy? How will this election affect terrorism? The following issues/ concerns include foreign policy, health care, gun policy, and immigration. However, the majority of supporters of both Clinton and Trump are worried about issues with the economy and terrorism. Supporters are more divided on the other issues. The article goes through a lot of statistics and valuable information on how each candidate is suited to handle these issues. I highly recommend the article for anyone who would like to be better informed.

We all need to vote and it's important to vote for the lesser of the two evils. We need to be informed on these issues and decide what will best help and strengthen our country.

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