Friday, September 9, 2016

How do I know if I'm a boy or a girl anymore? Does it even matter what gender I am?

Gender identity issues are growing quickly in America. This issue is making the United States not so united. An article was put together by Common Dreams about this issue and it really favors the fact that whatever is between our legs doesn't really determine our gender. The article explains that gender identity is neither formed independently of hormonal influences nor only influenced by social environment after birth. It says that biology does not determine our gender but that behavioral expressions have big influence on us as we grow and develop. This article also talk about bathroom usage at school and how schools are currently discriminating against transgender students for not granting use to their chosen restroom. It talks about how sports teams need to allow transgender students to play on whichever team they choose, regardless of the gender.

Want to know my opinion? If you were born with the body parts of a boy, you're a boy and need to use the boys' restroom, and vise versa. It's so disappointed witnessing the "United" States become so separated over gender or the lack thereof.

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