Saturday, September 10, 2016

There is a website specifically about non-discrimination of transgender (linked below). Articles like this tend to drive me crazy. There was a survey taken showing what percent of transgender people have lost their job, have been denied housing, have been harassed or assaulted. While it is very wrong to discriminate against someone because of their beliefs, this issue is starting to take things too far. If you look more into issue you learn that those denying their services are simply exercising their own rights. You can't force someone to accept someone else's beliefs. Fines are being enforced and people are being hurt by being forced to allow this transgender movement.

I am in agreeance that it is wrong to assault or harass someone for being transgender; however, you cannot force someone to allow their services. By allowing so many equal rights to these transgenders, the rights of others are being limited. So where is the limit? How far are we going to push this issue? That's the question that a lot of conservatives have. This coming presidential election will be huge for determining what will have with the United States. How united are we going to remain?

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