Friday, September 9, 2016

In The Washington Post, a data collection of 8 critical points were gathered in hopes of stopping discrimination against transgender America. The article starts off by talking about statistics that we still don't know including the number of Americans identifying as transgenders. I found #2 very interesting, that transgender people face a higher suicide rate. This study also showed that a lot of survey respondents had been homeless at some point. Along with that, in trans communities poverty is a large problem. Their household income is less than $10,000. The article continues to talk about discrimination that transgender people face and concludes with talking about the military. Those who identify as transgender are not allowed to serve in the military.

I love that this article focuses on the unknown of this transgender issue. There is so much we don't know about this issue and how it affects these people, which will lead to having a great impact on the nation. This study opened my eyes to how uneducated people are when they vote. We need to become informed on the impact this issue will have on America as a whole.

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