Saturday, September 10, 2016

Think Progress did a very interesting article on Donald Trump's stance on transgender rights. It's easy to see why those in favor of transgender equalization side with and support Hillary. Trump started out resenting North Carolina for the laws they are passing about combining bathrooms. However when asked about his person beliefs on transgender people, Trump wouldn't give a solid answer. He said that he didn't know the right answer. He said that he thinks each state should be left to make their own decision when it comes to this issue. He also said that North Carolina has been facing a lot more problems since passing these laws. Throughout the article, even though Trump never actually said it, you could feel that he isn't a full supporter of transgender rights. Referring to his political party he stated, "The party generally believes that whatever you're born, that's the bathroom you use."

Trump, however, would never take a solid stance on what he thought was right or wrong. His desire is to leave it up to the states to make their own decisions. It's hard to have a lot of confidence in a candidate that won't give you their opinion or share their belief. Who knows what he will do when he gets into office? This is an issue that Trump may lose a lot of votes over. North Carolina, for example, probably isn't very happy that Trump is saying that they're causing problems. This issue is smaller than a lot of issues that our country faces but it could be a determining factor on which candidate people will vote for. Trump needs to make up his mind.

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