Friday, September 9, 2016

The Wall Street Journal hit it on the head with the article "Whatever Happened to Religious Freedom?". Now that this nation allows same-sex marriage the next step is ending same-sex discrimination. This article talks about a few instances where businesses refuse to either, make a wedding cake for, or host a wedding for same-sex couples. In both instances the businesses were sued and fined for refusing their services. So what happened to Freedom of Association? This article talks about the issues rising between different laws. I love where it says, "The question at hand, then, is whether and how modern antidiscrimination laws limit the constitutional and statutory right to the free exercise of religion." It continues to explain how some clergy in the LGBT movement are already pressing for churches to lose their tax-exempt status if they don't open their facilities to same-sex ceremonies.

I understand that discrimination and rejection are brutal and, a lot of the time, offensive. However, no one likes to be forced into supporting something, or even allowing something, that is strictly against their religious beliefs. By fining or punishing those who are trying to live their religion, rather than just believe it, we are taking away their freedom of religion. We may be allowed to believe whatever we want, but we are certainly not free to practice our chosen religion anymore.

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