Saturday, September 10, 2016

There is a website specifically about non-discrimination of transgender (linked below). Articles like this tend to drive me crazy. There was a survey taken showing what percent of transgender people have lost their job, have been denied housing, have been harassed or assaulted. While it is very wrong to discriminate against someone because of their beliefs, this issue is starting to take things too far. If you look more into issue you learn that those denying their services are simply exercising their own rights. You can't force someone to accept someone else's beliefs. Fines are being enforced and people are being hurt by being forced to allow this transgender movement.

I am in agreeance that it is wrong to assault or harass someone for being transgender; however, you cannot force someone to allow their services. By allowing so many equal rights to these transgenders, the rights of others are being limited. So where is the limit? How far are we going to push this issue? That's the question that a lot of conservatives have. This coming presidential election will be huge for determining what will have with the United States. How united are we going to remain?
Think Progress did a very interesting article on Donald Trump's stance on transgender rights. It's easy to see why those in favor of transgender equalization side with and support Hillary. Trump started out resenting North Carolina for the laws they are passing about combining bathrooms. However when asked about his person beliefs on transgender people, Trump wouldn't give a solid answer. He said that he didn't know the right answer. He said that he thinks each state should be left to make their own decision when it comes to this issue. He also said that North Carolina has been facing a lot more problems since passing these laws. Throughout the article, even though Trump never actually said it, you could feel that he isn't a full supporter of transgender rights. Referring to his political party he stated, "The party generally believes that whatever you're born, that's the bathroom you use."

Trump, however, would never take a solid stance on what he thought was right or wrong. His desire is to leave it up to the states to make their own decisions. It's hard to have a lot of confidence in a candidate that won't give you their opinion or share their belief. Who knows what he will do when he gets into office? This is an issue that Trump may lose a lot of votes over. North Carolina, for example, probably isn't very happy that Trump is saying that they're causing problems. This issue is smaller than a lot of issues that our country faces but it could be a determining factor on which candidate people will vote for. Trump needs to make up his mind.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Today I chose to focus on the stance of Hillary Clinton when it comes to transgender issues. According to this article, Clinton is 100% in favor of transgender equality. It talks about all the actions Hillary is promising to take if she is elected. She plans to fight for FULL federal equality for LGBT Americans. She also plans to support people of all ages who register as transgender, she honors military involvement of LGBT people. It explains that one of Clinton's biggest concerns is to protect LGBT rights and raise awareness throughout the world.

Clinton stated, "There are still too many places where lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans are targeted for harassment and violence. There are still too many young people out there feeling hopeless and alone."

Because of Clinton's stances on the issue, many involved with LGBT rights are in favor of Hillary as president. However, some people are focusing so much on Clinton's LGBT platform that they are ignoring the rest of her campaign and that's when we are going to get in trouble.
In The Washington Post, a data collection of 8 critical points were gathered in hopes of stopping discrimination against transgender America. The article starts off by talking about statistics that we still don't know including the number of Americans identifying as transgenders. I found #2 very interesting, that transgender people face a higher suicide rate. This study also showed that a lot of survey respondents had been homeless at some point. Along with that, in trans communities poverty is a large problem. Their household income is less than $10,000. The article continues to talk about discrimination that transgender people face and concludes with talking about the military. Those who identify as transgender are not allowed to serve in the military.

I love that this article focuses on the unknown of this transgender issue. There is so much we don't know about this issue and how it affects these people, which will lead to having a great impact on the nation. This study opened my eyes to how uneducated people are when they vote. We need to become informed on the impact this issue will have on America as a whole.
"The US Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is a legal right across the United States. It means the 14 states with bans on same-sex marriage will no longer be able to enforce them. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote that the plaintiffs asked "for equal dignity in the eyes of the law."

On BBC News in June of 2015 they introduced that the US Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal nationwide. This news article tells about the reaction of the announcement and the opinions of many who are in favor of same-sex marriages. President Obama focuses on how this ruling is a "victory for America" and how each American deserves to be treated equally. He said, "When all Americans are treated as equal, we are all more free."

Is that statement really true? Does allowing anyone and everyone to marry really make us all more free? This is a question that is pending throughout the minds of every american. Is this law leading our nation back to success? What effect will this have on the UNITED states? Are we all really united?

Although many are celebrating and many marriages are taking place, many americans feel that their voices are not being heard because of the overrule of the Supreme Court. President Obama said that this ruling will strengthen our communities but is that really what is happening?

Personally I feel that this is an issue that is and will continue to tear our nation apart. States aren't being heard and their opinions aren't being considered. People in smaller communities are going ignored. It's time to find a balance.
The New York Times published a very intriguing article about how high school students feel about the accommodation of transgender students using school bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. "Conservatives called the action an illegal overreach that will put children in danger. Advocates for transgender rights hailed it as a breakthrough for civil rights."

Following their introductory explanation, they include the opinions of several students on the subject. Some opinions are in favor and some against. However, many students agreed that it is not the job of the federal government to decide what each school district does with its students. One student commented that having joined bathrooms made her feel very uncomfortable and felt that her safety was being threatened. Some students weren't very concerned with the matter but said they felt that the bathroom issue was being used to distract from the "real issues" going on in the world today.

I really love how this article is coming from the voice of the students. I am in agreeance that this decision should not be left to the federal government and that the decisions made in the school districts should not be threatened with federal funding. I also agree that allowing whichever gender to use whatever bathroom they want is very unsafe. This opens are opportunity for rape and abuse. I'm all for civil rights but by allowing this law you take away the rights of those not in favor.
The Wall Street Journal hit it on the head with the article "Whatever Happened to Religious Freedom?". Now that this nation allows same-sex marriage the next step is ending same-sex discrimination. This article talks about a few instances where businesses refuse to either, make a wedding cake for, or host a wedding for same-sex couples. In both instances the businesses were sued and fined for refusing their services. So what happened to Freedom of Association? This article talks about the issues rising between different laws. I love where it says, "The question at hand, then, is whether and how modern antidiscrimination laws limit the constitutional and statutory right to the free exercise of religion." It continues to explain how some clergy in the LGBT movement are already pressing for churches to lose their tax-exempt status if they don't open their facilities to same-sex ceremonies.

I understand that discrimination and rejection are brutal and, a lot of the time, offensive. However, no one likes to be forced into supporting something, or even allowing something, that is strictly against their religious beliefs. By fining or punishing those who are trying to live their religion, rather than just believe it, we are taking away their freedom of religion. We may be allowed to believe whatever we want, but we are certainly not free to practice our chosen religion anymore.
How do I know if I'm a boy or a girl anymore? Does it even matter what gender I am?

Gender identity issues are growing quickly in America. This issue is making the United States not so united. An article was put together by Common Dreams about this issue and it really favors the fact that whatever is between our legs doesn't really determine our gender. The article explains that gender identity is neither formed independently of hormonal influences nor only influenced by social environment after birth. It says that biology does not determine our gender but that behavioral expressions have big influence on us as we grow and develop. This article also talk about bathroom usage at school and how schools are currently discriminating against transgender students for not granting use to their chosen restroom. It talks about how sports teams need to allow transgender students to play on whichever team they choose, regardless of the gender.

Want to know my opinion? If you were born with the body parts of a boy, you're a boy and need to use the boys' restroom, and vise versa. It's so disappointed witnessing the "United" States become so separated over gender or the lack thereof.
Today I did a little research on what's happening to our nation. It's devistating to me that a nation that was once the leader in the world, is now falling apart. What's the problem? Is there a way to fix it?

America's Economic Report put together a beautiful article about what's wrong with America today. It starts off talking about how we are falling deeper and deeper into debt and not producing anything with value. We aren't sustainable which will lead to a total collapse in our economy. I really love how the article puts a focus on our current presidential campaign candidates. I totally agree when it says that elections are getting so expensive that it's hurting the middle class. The candidates have no plans in building the economy. Everyone knows that it's a problem, but who is really going to step in and fix it? Because of these campaigning expenses "Free Trade" is playing a key roll in destroying the economy but the candidates are getting exactly what they want. I'm starting to think that our nation is starting to focus too much on 'looking rich' than actually taking the steps that require hard work to get there. It's time to stop worrying about popularity and start focusing on the future of this nation.

These candidates will only be in office for a known amount of time. However our nation must be able to continue even after they're out of office.
Out of two evils, who can we vote for?

The PewResearch Center put together a study of the issues people are having with deciding who to vote for. In the article, they discuss some of the main issues that people may have and which candidate would best suit the issue. The top voting issues listed for the 2016 election are the economy and terrorism. Which candidate will be help our current economy? How will this election affect terrorism? The following issues/ concerns include foreign policy, health care, gun policy, and immigration. However, the majority of supporters of both Clinton and Trump are worried about issues with the economy and terrorism. Supporters are more divided on the other issues. The article goes through a lot of statistics and valuable information on how each candidate is suited to handle these issues. I highly recommend the article for anyone who would like to be better informed.

We all need to vote and it's important to vote for the lesser of the two evils. We need to be informed on these issues and decide what will best help and strengthen our country.